When I got out to the burbs today, the only turtle present was Misty well tucked into Rocket Girl's normal hide:

Upon surfacing from getting shots of Misty, I spied Rocket Girl and Little O in the middle of the burbs interacting.

They must have arrived from the south when I was focused on Misty.

Little O was seemingly in pursuit of Rocket Girl who turned to meet O.

They looked at each other and circled.

Rocket Girl ended up taking off and swam towards here spot only to see it occupied. She continued on north

and away from the burbs leaving Misty to her rest. (in pic below, north is up and that is Rocket in the top

of the image) I later discovered that Rocket Girl circled back and went to her other common rest spot on this


Little O at this point opted to surface and she swam swiftly up and near me which I took as a sign of some level

of acceptance. I held still and let her set our relative positions.

She leveled off shy of the surface and checked me out as she swam off a bit to the north. I remained in place.

She spent a couple minutes to the north in a surface interval and I could just make her out in the distance. When

she dove back down she swam to the hide where Misty was resting:

I thought this might get interesting as Misty has shown herself in the past to be less than hospitible.

Little O got on response from Misty and proceeded to swim off in the direction of another resting spot on the burbs;

namely Rocket Girls other typical spot and where she was presently scratching her carapace on the coral:

It looked like yet another confrontation or interaction (below O [on the left]is approaching Rocket):

Little O came in for a face to face.

At this point, I switched to video to get some of the action in motion:

And after a short period of just watching, I turned on the video again:

Well Rocket Girl certainly got a responce from Misty and she exited the area after Misty seemed to best her as

seen in the video above. Next up was Little O comimng in for some interaction and I was confident that Misty

would send her off as well but I was wrong! It seemed that although outweighed, Little O was not about to give in.

As the second video ended, Little O was in the process of turning around and going back out to the sand to confront

Misty again:

In some of these images you can see where they have kicked up some sand with their flippers as they postured

and circled each other.

Ultimately, Misty settled in the sand and Little O came up a bit off the sea floor and took a look around:

I saw her look towards the "popular" rest spot recently vacated by Misty and danged if she didn't make her way to it!