Melinda 9-17-09

She was feeding on some form of algae that she was triming off the coral that she would break free from the reef. She is completely unbothered by a swimmer coming down to see her and at best will look up to see what is approaching and then immediately go back to grazing. I wanted to see if she was interested in the same algae that Rocket Girl has accepted from me and I swam into the shallows to find a piece. (incidentally, there seems to be little of this available now and I wonder if Rocket Girl and other animals have been eating it). I took a piece down to here and finally got her attention. She looked up at me and I believe glanced at the algae but showed no interest and went back to head down sorting through the coral. I dropped the algae on the reef and returned to the surface. As she moved forward, she encountered the algae and completely ignored it as she moved on. I placed a similar offering before here on a preious encounter with the same results.