When I first spotted Little O, only her head was visible outside of the cave. Here she has ventured further out

and with a small collector urchin which has taken to her.

The urchin gets a ride up to the surface as O comes up next to me.

As O broke the surface quickly, the collector urchin bailed and I watched it drop slowly back to the sea floor.

I swam off to give O plenty room and space for her surface interval. Minutes later I had los her but then saw

her again as she must have dropped down low and then came back up and at me:

She leveled off and then searched for where to drop back down.

She ended up in a spot she has rested in a number of times before.

About 10 feet from her I spotted a large sponge and donfirmed tht it was indeed owned by a sponge crab hiding

beneath it. Had it been abandoned it would have been interesting to drop it near O and see if it is a type of sponge

that would be considered food. If yes, it would be interesting to know if hawksbills and sponge crabs ever get into

a tussle over a sponge.