Kiniana drifting south out at reef's edge:

Short video:

I headed back to the burbs which had been my destination when sidetracked by Kiniana. When I got there, I spotted

Barnacle Billie resting on the reef:

And some divers headed towards Rocket Girl's prime rest spot; the same spot I startled a mystery hawksbill the day before.

As luck sould have it, the mystery hawksbill was again in this spot and one diver got too close for her comfort

and I saw her take off and move over to the adjacent reef about 30' away where she settled down. The divers

headed back towards shore.

As she surfaced, I moved off so as not to crowd her. After she took a few breaths and saw me just floaring a ways off,

she started in my direction so I too slowly worked towards her until it appeared we were as close as she wished.

I got a couple shots of her at the surface and then swam away. Hopefully she will gain confidence in being near

people and have no reason not to trust us!

This turtle is new to the data base so I am naming her Little O.