We ( Cheryl King, Tara Branham, Shawn Caley and I) ventured out before dawn to check on possible sleeping hawksbills.

Out first encounter was with Misty based on the mending trauma visible on the left side of her carapace. Plans to find

her after sunrise failed as she took off before we returned to the spot.

Here is a shot of the trauma taken back on 8-20-18:

Next we found Barnacle Billie also resting further out on the reef, probably because the typical holes in closer currently

are missing a nice sandy floor.

And further south and again out in deeper water we encountered Little O who might have already started to move

around in the pre-dawn light.

As I went back to the surface, my light did illuminate her roto tool "Ei 5" but I failed to catch it in the video that all of

these images were pulled from.

At sunrise, these turtles had already left the main reef to parts unknown.