Images below ere pulled from HD video taken with a Sony RX-) video cam with 515 nm long pass filter which

blocks all light below 515 nm (this is blue light down to UV). Some were taken at sunset with remaining ambient light,

a couple with a white LED light source and the fluorescent studies taken with RB 458 nm LED light source so the only

light illuminating the subjects was a blue which was filtered out prior to imaging.

Below is rocket girl foraging at sunset under ambient light with blues being filtered out.

Little O also foraging at under the last of daylight:

Misty under white LED light (but no blues passed to camera) with trauma spot evident:

Misty under RB light:

Images are blurred due to motion of camera with insufficient light for fast shutter. The light source was held close to

the carapace and as it got closer more red was evident in the camera's display screen. This image is similar to one

I took of the same subject but with a weaker RB light source and that previous image required significant post production

to being out the colors and details. With the brighter RB light source here, this image is produced with no post production

effort. The reds, greens and yellows only come out with the light source very close to the target. Perhaps they are a result of

fluorescing but perhaps they are manufactured by the camera sensor trying to make sense of some energy it is seeing.

Below are some blurred shots of corals and reef which also show a similar wash of colors with reds and greens in center image

and some blues at the side:

Rocket Girl's carapace as captured under the RB light source:

It appears that the reds are coming from the algae which carpets and fouls their carapaces.

There were some corals out there which exhibited a bright yellow even to the naked eye in their presence of the

visible royal blue light source. These with a certainty exhibited fluorescence.

And when approached very close, in addition to the obvious bright fluorescing, the wash of reds and greens in

the center with blues at the edges become apparent:

Potentially illuminating are the followintg screen shots from Adobe Premiere Pro showing video frames on the right

and a distribution of RGB across the image in the window on the left.

Below a shot of Misty under the RB light (up close) With the exposure used by the camera, there is some

blue present and especially at the sides of the image:

Below Rocket Girl under ambient sunset light which has blue in it but has been clearly removed in the center

portion of the image:

Below is a puffer fish illuminated by white LED which definitely has blue in its spectrum but again effectively

removed from the image at the exposure level used.

A fluorescing coral head with some blue at the sides of the image apparent in the graph but not really in the

image itself:

I believe there was ample RB (royal blue) light available from the light source to excite fluorescing objects from

a distance that did not overwhelm the camera's sensor. But as the light source got closer to the subject, some reds

and greens resulted in the image but suspect in terms of source.