These images were pulled from video taken with a Sony RX0 with a long pass 515 nm filter. This filter blocks

light below 515nm and allows the spectrum above to pass to the camera sensor. For a light source I used both a white LED

light as well as a royal blue LED of 458 nm which was blocked from passage to the camera. The images illuminated by the

white LED appear yellow in tint due to all blue being filtered out. I was free diving and for the most part, there was not enough light

to allow for a fast shutter so images are blurred.

This is a close up image worked in post production to bring out what I could, of the trauma that has been evident on the hawksbill "Misty"

for some time now. It was illuminated by the RB light but these colors were hardly evident without serious exposure modification and

to declare that the carapace fluoresced might be a stretch.

This is a close up of "Rocket Girl's"carapace under RB light:

And here is a close up of "Little O's" Carapace under RB light:

I really had to enhance the exposure to pull out the colors in these images above.

Misty illuminated with white LED:

Little O illuminated with white LED:

And here are a few shots of coral which fluoresced so well that it was obvious to the naked eye even in the

flood of royal blue light:

To the naked eye without filtering out the royal blue light, the hawksbill carapaces did not appear to fluoresce;

certainly not even close to the level that the corals did.

Under the white LED and with blues filtered out, a couple critters seen:

It is my impression that the hawksbill turtles carapace shows more evidence of fluorescing under a 365 nm UV

light source. Below is an example is a shot of Barnacle Billie taken on 8-23-17 with the UV LED . But this was not a bright response and the UV source

was relatively strong in radiometric power. That is to say an object known to fluoresce would have been much brighter.

And a shot of Little O taken the same night under UV illumination:

Short video of quick dive down on Misty under RB illumination and then white light:

Short video of quick dive down on Rocket Girl. It is her carapace at the end before black out:

Short dive down showing how well various corals fluoresce: