NOTE: this research is in collaboration with NOAA & HWF under NOAA permit ESA10a1A-15685

Rocket Girl getting a sat tag.

And a flipper tag from Cheryl

While epoxy curing on Rocket Girl, a search for Barnacle Billie proved fruitful:

Alexander Gaos escorts Billie to the boat with some assist from Tommy Cutt.

Billie on board, waiting her turn in the tagging spa...

Rocket Girl getting released:

And rocket she did!

In the evening, both Barnacle Billie and Rocket Girl were observed resting in the shallows. A screen grab from video of Rocket Girl:

A third hawksbill, Misty was also seen resting in the same area and she was subsequently caught and brought to the beach for tagging.

Video of Misty capture: