After checking on the frog fish, I swam north over the reef looking for turtles or what ever else might be seen. I came upon Melinda who was down feeding agressively on the reef. I could see a number of fresh breaks in the coral where she was feeding and figured she had found a plentiful source of food.

In the shot above, she was trimming off the red algae on the freshly removed piece of coral. Below, she went in and broke off another branch:

When she retracted with the new piece of coral, I could see a number of black sponge on it and sure enough, she worked with it until she cleaned it clear of them.

There was a woman snorkeler who had swam over to watch and when I was oon the surface getting a breath, a man joined her and mentioned that this turtle was smaler than the one he had just left. I asked him if the other turtle was also feeding on the reef and he said that yes it was and that it was breaking off coral right and left. I knew by this answer that it was another Hawksbill ans I asked him where it was. He said further north about 100 yards. I swam off in that direction suspecting it might be Rocket Girl and sure enough, she came into view along with some fish hanging around for the scraps.

In addition to what ever she was cleaning off the coral she was removing, she also eyed a piece of exposed algae (note the crown of thorns in the background on the right);