I checked the "Scratching Post" coral head today and saw that there was a turtle resting under its overhang. Diving down a bit, I realized it was a Hawksbill based on its scute pattern.

I didn't want to disturb her rest so I waited on the surface until I finally saw some movement and she rotated with her head exposed. Although I didn't get a chance to look for any tags, I suspected she was 3-M which I later confirmed in comparing some other images.

Next Day, 10-3-09 and she was again resting under the scratching post coral head.

This time, she surfaced shortly after I came upon her and I took a few shots:

I now have further information and the tag is actually 83-M She ia also known as "Ake" and "Matilda".

10-5-09 she was found resting under the ledge of the "scratching post" again: