After seeing no hawksbills feeding on the reef, I decided to swim out to the spot I saw 1D67 resting a couple days ago. I was pleased to see her there again. I dove down and got a couple proof shots of her and then hung around on the surface in hopes she would come up. In a few minutes, she did. She took her time surfacing and we had an eagle ray come in and check us out and then take off. She was on the surface for a good while and we both drifted out and south as she took one breath after another. She took a good number of breaths. At one point she did what I would call a yawn in any surface animal but no idea what it was for her. By the time she was done at the surface, I could no longer make out the bottom because it had become pretty deep. Once she started her dive, she put some effort and speed into it as she went down and I decided it was time to get back into shallower water.