Seeing no sign of hawksbill turtles feeding in on the reef (I could have missed them easily), I 

swam out to the suburbs and immediately spotted 1D67 resting in "her spot" with some

fish cleaning her carapace.

It didn't appear that she was going anywhere in a hurry so I swam out to see if Rocket Girl

might be in her spot; not there. I then expanded my search and a bit to the north I made out

the darkness of a turtle. Sure enough, I could see it was a hawksbill and I didn't recognize

her immediately. Upon looking at other pictures, it became obvious it was Misty.

Initially she was just stationary but then as I watched she came out from under the ledge

a bit and it looked like she was going to try to hide her head under it. What she did do was

work her perimeter under the ledge with back and forth, clockwise and then counterclockwise

rotation. I could see a cloud of what I assume was both algae and coral dust lofting out from

the contact area. While I was there above her and watching, I saw her work both right and left

sides under the scratching ledge.

I left her be and on the way back in, dropped down for another couple shots of 1D67.

The sun was behind a cloud and lighting and vis were not very good. I was using a 35mm

lens which provides for a realistic and proportional image but not up close and free of loss

in the milky water.