Rocket Girl

11-2-08 Rocket Girl:

11-3-08 Melinda:

For the last few weeks, Melinda has had an obvious white mark on her right front flipper:

After a few days of no sighting of either Melinda or Rocket Girl, it was a pleasure to see Melinda feeding on the reef today (11-7-08). She surfaced right next to me.

The photos don't do the color from the warm late afternoon sun as it broke through the clouds in sync with her surfacing. In person, as she came up she became brighter and golden and it was quite spectacular.

The next day, 11-08-08, Melinda was again feeding on the reef.

And on 11-9-08, Melinda again:

11-15-08 and Melinda seen trimming away the coral in search of morsals:

Melinda 11-21-08:

Due to some rain and surf, I had not swam the reef for almost a week. The visibility was reasonable but not great. There was a decent current (south to north) at play. I just took the one still shot of Melinda above. She was working the coral pretty aggressively and I tried to time a dive to catch her in the process of breaking some of the coral away.

Short Video of her "working " at the coral.

While watching her feed with the Olympus 1030 set on video, I saw she was coming up for air and took a video of her surface time. 36MB Video

Melinda was feeding on the reef the last few days (11/23 - 11/26) and no reason to post additional photos of her. The one below is a different view point:


I took out the Nikon hoping to catch Melinda in some decent visibility. There was some stinging jelly and bio snow in the water so it wasn't as clear as I had expected but it was still a nice day and Melinda was at the surface getting some air when I came upon her.

She went back down to the reef and cruised over it looking for food. When I saw her dip into a sand hole, I dove down hoping to get some shots with the sand as a background instead of the reef and the lighting looked good:

Melinda proceeded to search the reef and found an area of interest. From above, I noticed that she had picked an area in the vicinity of a cleaning station and I saw a wrasse disappear underneath her. I dove down for a couple shots:

Close up of the wrasse above: