Heading north up the reef, I came across Rocket Girl:

Further north and later in my swim, I came across Melinda:

I didn't notice the interesting spots in the algae on her shell until I viewed these images. If I had to guess, I would attribute these to fingers of some folks who just had to touch the turtle. Just a guess and hopefully I am wrong.

Melinda came up for air while I was there.

Further on back south in my return, I again came across Rocket Girl:

Next day, 10-28-08 there is a swell and surge has murked up the water. None the less, I went for a swim and Rocket Girl was cruising at the north end of the reef:

A swell continued to stir up the silt and sand. I went for a quick swim on 10-30-08 and found Melinda feeding:

On the next day, the vis was not much better and I came across Rocket Girl feeding:

The visibility was so limited that other turtles could have easily been missed on these days.