Today, 10-23-08, I went to Airport Beach to test out a new lens with the Nikon. There was some swell coming in and the water was obviously churned up. In addition. the sky was overcast. I figured I could get out in deeper water and at least get some images to evaluate the new lens with. I hadn't gone far when I came across Melinda:

She was south of the typical feeding grounds and I swam on past her. I had gone maybe 20 - 25 yards when I came across Rocket Girl:

I decided to swim further north and see if there were any other turtles feeding on the reef. On my return, I came across Rocket Girl feeding and beyond her, I saw Melinda coming up to meet her. Melinda came over and circled Rocket Girl and they went nose to nose. Melinda then went on to get slightly under Rocket Girl and cause her to come up from the reef and swim off a bit. This was partly captured in the sequence below:

Melinda came up off the reef and kept her eye on Rocket Girl until she was out of my view given the reduced visibility. Melinda then concentrated on finding some food to eat. The shot below was of her scoping out the reef prior to going down and investigating closer.

Melinda was seen feeding on the reef on 10-26-08: