A so17xa reflector is secured to the E-screw module. An additional prototype reflector was

modified with the rear portion removed to allow it to nest over the so17xa and essentially

have no effect on the beam when the reflector system is "collapsed".

The components below:

The secondary reflector is secured in the front, outer section of the head. As this section is

slid forward over the rear, inner section of the head which contains the LED module

with attached primary reflector, the "spill" portion of the beam is caught and re directed by

the secondary reflector into a tighter beam angle than that of the primary. A stepped bore

in the outer head as well as shoulder on the inner head keep the two from sliding completely


In the beam shot below, you can see that in the "zoom" to spot mode, the additional light

that had been spill light in a wide direct flood has been collimated into a tighter spot beam

within the primary spot beam. The lux readings were taken at approximately 39".

It takes about 5/16" longitudinal extension to go from primary flood alone to focused

secondary. Extending the secondary beyond focus causes its reflected beam to diverge and

join the reflected spot of the primary. The beam angle of the spill portion is reduced and

there appears to be a higher concentration of light within it as well.

Primary alone:

Secondary extended to focus:

A second head was made and anodized. To keep water and dirt out of this head, an O-ring

was added as a bore seal in the rear end of the outer head piece. A radiused groove was

added in the bottom of one of the fin grooves and relief was milled out as well as a small

"breather hole" drilled in the bottom of the groove. In the pic below, the white spot in the

groove is the hole and you can make out the O-ring in the head. An external O-ring is

added into the groove to cover the breather hole. It can be pulled back to allow air

passage. This design would need considerable more effort and refinement to be viable but

this proto type should at least be up to exposure to rain and dirt.

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