Custom Titanium Arc AAA body with (mom-on) Tail Switch

.500 X.035" wall Ti tubing

Head threads into one end and will turn on light

With Head screwed out far enough, light is locked off (in theory; in this example

too much stroke was allowed before lanyard ring contacts tail cap. Oops! A spacer

on lanyard post will rectify this mistake)

Lanyard pin and both threaded ends have O-rings in bore seals.

Tail piece used for this was already made for a pen and slightly modified for this application

Designed from scratch, the tail assembly could be considerably shorter.

For momentary on, lanyard post is pushed in as well as slightly off axis.

Aluminum Arc head taken from Arc AAA Flashlight.

On Ti quick link and chain

Light hangs in pocket with LED head above coins and other treasures.

Easily accessible when needed and securely attached.

With light hanging, head lock out is unnecessary. Light will not inadvertently come on.

Light will stay on while pressure is applied to the lanyard post.

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