With a Kroll module designed for SureFire Classic tail pieces, I am working on a

more universal "tactical" style tail switch for custom and modified flashlights.

Below, a prototype was made from existing SureFire components; namely an E1

bezel of all things. :-)

A double ended, symmetric (in the case of a SureFire bezel) or asymmetric battery tube as

shown above with an Arc LS couples the bezel with the tail switch. I need to get the proper

screw and pocket clip for this prototype and I will complete it with a pocket clip that stores

the light, bezel down, which is my personal preference.

The tail switch is air tight due to the O-ring and switch boot (SureFire part). I also plan

to put a lanyard or split ring hole in the tail, perpendicular to and through the counter sunk face

in the tail and coming out the side. This tail allows the light to stand upright on the tail.

The switch is well protected and the tactile function of momentary and constant on

are very nice. A syringe grip with this tail is comfortable and ergonomic.

Below is another prototype cap turned from scratch and not adorned with any mounting holes

or pocket clip (yet)

Pocket/belt clip added

Below, another clickie switch with a "universal" length 1 cell tube:

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