I have been meaning to determine if the Kroll Switch could be housed within

a power pak provided modification and an adapter sleeve were made:

The Kroll switch was turned down to a simple two step cylindrical profile and

then placed within a partially threaded sleeve. An O-ring and SF switch boot

were added to complete the switch module. Not having the correct size drills

forced me to use a boring bar in machining the interior of the battery tube. The

switch end of the tube was threaded to receive the switch module. The rubber

boot is forced against an internal shoulder to provide an airtight seal. This exercise

was successful in showing the potential but the esthetics of this particular result

leaves much to be desired. Initially, I had left enough material in the end of the

pak to allow for standing the light on its tail. I removed this material and added

grooves for the O-rings to try to bring some balance as well as function to the

part. With the O-rings, the grip of the light is quite good. Depending on how the

tail is finished off, provision for a lanyard ring and/ or pocket clip can be allowed.

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