A SureFire E1e was slightly modified to house a 1 watt High Dome Luxeon

red LED. The driver is a Dat2zip 400 mA (adjustable) constant current PCB.

The heat sink rests against the rear face of the reflector bulkhead. By drilling a 3/8"

hole from the from the backside through the head and then removing the balance

of the stock lamp stand off boss, the emitter ends up in an ideal focal position to

utilize the stock reflector.

The red die is visible within the high dome.

The module assembly is shown above. The heat sink has a slight recessed counter bore to

accept more than half the thickness of the PCB. The ground path goes from the battery

tube lip to the Al spacer which in turn bears on a ground ring perimeter on the PCB. The

anode contact is isolated by the delrin cap and the lead wire is soldered to the 1/8" tinned

copper rivet.

Above, a KL1 beam is on the left and the red HD is on the right. The slightly darker center

in the red beam disappears as the light is moved farther from the target. The center spot is

very bright and the corona is even and as seen above actually eclipses the KL1's beam.

It would seem that a 1 watt High Dome is very effective with the stock reflector of the E2e.

This use of the reflector provides a much better and more even beam than the Lumiled optics

do on the colored LEDs.

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