The "T" slot on the E(x)e is just begging for all kinds of mounting hardware.

When time permits, I would like to look into a swivel lanyard eye mount as

well as a simple 1/4" x20 tri pod mount and Loc-Line stalk mount. My first

use of this "T" slot is for a goofy over/under flashlight mount. This is a mini version

of the SureFire X10 :-)................. A high/low light source or pigggy back-up.........

The mount has set screws to hold the mount on the E1e body as well as hold the Arc AAA

in place. This mount was machined from 6061 T6 Al bar stock.

The two lights are surprisingly secure.

A temporary mating between a 1 Watt Luxeon in E1e and 5 Watt Luxeon in turbo is

accomplished with a delrin craddle and velcro watch band.

Above and below, 1W & 5W LED lights joined with an Al arm.

Below: Cyan 1W and 5W Over/Under (both lights use Kroll clickie mods)

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