Arc LS head adapted to SureFire E1 body


1) Final .150" of internal threads on Arc LS head were removed by boring (This is

unnecessary as it turns out)**

2) Foam battery standoff in Arc head was removed ( This is also unnecessary) **

3) Shoulder of SureFire was turned down to allow passage into Arc bore.

5) non-corroding metal spacer with insulating sleeve was made to fill void of mismatch

* instant anodize aka sharpie permanent marker was used to seal raw cut on SF body

** after receiving an additional LS head, it has become clear that no modification to the

Arc LS is required what so ever. A shoulder reduction on the SF body and battery spacer

are all that is required. This is a great light!

Second O-ring was added as dust seal for head/ body overlap (seen in photos above and below)

Note: Original O- ring on SF body engages in vacuum tight seal with Arc head.

All credit for this idea goes to

*THE REFORMED*Aragorn of CPF fame.

A turned, 2 piece delrin bushing was press fit onto the SF body. Spliced spectra tether spins

freely on minor diameter of delrin bush. There is no abrasion or contact of lanyard with SF


Of course not willing to sit still, Aragorn decided a modified Arc Head would look nice on

SureFire E1E head. His idea below compared to the stock Arc LS head on modified SF E1 body:

Note: Pocket clip on E1E is missing lanyard bails as a result of failed modification :-)

This modification requires removal of the tail "skirt" of the Arc head (see pic) as well as

an internal spacer of a bout 1/2" in length (same spacer as shown above). Additionally,

HA coating on SF threads must be removed for good electrical path between SF body

and Arc head.

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