For years, I have been using the cell phone belt clip holders as well as mic holders for

securing not only my cell phones but PDA cases and other devices. It finally dawned on

me that this system is ideal for flashlight carry as well as storage and mounting.

In the photos above, the McLux is appointed with a simple stainless steel button attached

to one of the 1/4"x20 threaded ports. This button allows for both quick carry and removal

on a cell phone belt clip as well as secure and quick access when attached to a fixed mount

mic holder. Below is a visor mounted phone belt clip carrying the McTi flashlight.

Below, a "button" is lashed with 250# spectra on an L1:

Below, a turbo head McLux combo is carried by means of the cell belt clip:

Below, a beld clip button in stainless steel welded to a stainless collar is mounted

on an A2.

A Loc-Line stalk with a 1/4"x20 stud end can host the McLux via one of the two 1/4"x20

ports. The Loc-Line stalk can be permenantly mounted or via a magnet base (shown below)

or on a suction cup base.

New "Rivet" system: Titanium collar and post (welded) on A2 allow for quick and secure

attachment to a Rivet belt clip.

The tab on this M3 has adhesive holding it on the barrel but for extra precaution, the ears

of the tab where whipped on as well.

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