A Kroll "Clickie" tail switch has been re-machined to fit with in the stock SureFire Ex series LOTC.

The "Lock Out" feature is lost but a constant "on" can be obtained by fully depressing the switch and

"clicking" it.

For reference and those who want to do this modification:

The OD of the top portion of the switch is kept at the minor diameter of the original ( at

the foot of the gussets [not shown in photo, sorry])

The OD of the lower portion of the switch is .550" and then the final 3/16" of length is

reduced to a diameter of .505". This final reduction is to allow the body to slip within the reduced

diameter of the battery tube where the standard switch makes contact. This modification is reversible.

You will find that the tail cap can not be screwed all the way down as this capsizes a contact spring and

renders the switch non functional. The cap will successfully cover the O-ring and typically resides in a

position comparable to the standard position where the momentary action of the standard switch is

functional. The jam nut for the rubber boot has its hole inlarged to allow for the switch body to pass

through. This is the only modification to a SureFire component. At this writing, this modification is

very new and extended service of the switch has not been tested. Modder beware.

Clickie installed with O-ring "stop" on tail cap. Composit image showing soon to be

released KL1 Luxeon Bezel from SureFire.

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