Prototype reflector replacements for the Lumiled NX05 optics have evolved

into a production part:

Shown above loose with NX05 as well as in BAD BOY mag mod and Lambda E1e CP mod.

The reflector is CNC turned from 6061 T6 Al and EN coated. This reflector will also fit in

the LS/O Lumiled LED package which has an integral holder for the NX05 optics. The

reflector can also be scuffed or bead blasted and then re polished for more blending of color and beam.

Below are beam shots using the Lambda E1e CP. The flashlight was 7" from the target and

the same manual exposure was used on the camera for both shots. The camera was on a tripod

and the images are not cropped.

Above with NX05 optic; Below with McLux reflector:

These reflectors are currently available from Dat2zip.

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