New Version Prototype of McLux1. This light has a removable bezel lens cap

so either Luxeon optics or a polished reflector may be used with the LED.

The reflector provides for a large wide angle flood beam whereas the stock

collimator will give a more focused beam.

Titanium pocket/belt clips added; first case to the 1/4x20 port and then as

a separate component (better)

A new McLux:

Below, a 5 watt Luxeon with 700 mA constant current driver is mounted in a McLux

head and powered by a 2x123 McLux power pak. The flood reflector (not shown in

beam shot) provides a very bright flood beam. A custom 1" ball lens is used to

project a reasonably tight square spot beam.

A McLux head was filled with a clear epoxy and then the head was turned with

a radius tool and the integrated lens was polished. The resulting beam is a flood

with very nice mixing of color and uniformity of intensity. Unfortunately there is

likely significant light loss in the black, non reflecting interior of the head:

The trapped air bubbles look like small blue stars but the photo doesn't capture this:

For a second visit to this idea, a McFlood reflector was machined down and included

in the head when it was filled with epoxy. In order to keep the beam wider as well as allow

for protection of the lens, the radius was kept larger and some of the threads for the bezel

cap were left in place when the lens was radiused in place. A bezel cap was shortened and can

be used unless the full flood with perimeter lighting is desired. This light is considerably

brighter than the first; due to a higher constant current of 500 mA VS the 400 mA as well

as the reflector.

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