A group of CPF Members who have become friends (The Skunk Lights Gang), have funded a short

production run of flashlight parts based on the McLux. Leo Wong and I collaborated on the

dimensional design and the style was determined by the entire group, including Darell Dickey,

Wayne Yamaguchi, Roger Kang and Graham Bell as well as Leo and myself.

Although based primarily on a single 123 cell for power, there are other possibilities as well

as an interchangeability with various of SureFire's E series flashlights and components.

Wayne Yamaguchi (Dat2zip) has designed and provided the circuitry for these flashlights

which are designed to host Lumiled's Luxeon 1 Watt, and in some cases, 5 Watt, LED's.

As with the previous McLux , the light head can accept the standard Lumiled optics as well as

a simple flood reflector.

Note: Credit for the "LongTail" (3x123, 2xA, 2xAA) goes to Leo Wong, as he slipped this one

in on the rest of us :-) We were able to talk him out of a 4xAA "Walking Stick".

Below is a shot of a 5W SE in a "blasted" black bezel hosted on an E2e. Just a few of these

"blasted" bezels were made.

Low voltage lighting is available with a Dat2zip "wizard" driver (12 VDC) and permenant

installation of the McLux head on a Loc-Line adapter:

Below, a McLux has been plated with TiN (titanium nitride) and the Ti clip has been

engraved and anodized:

Below is a McLux, McLux 1x123 tail on an Arc and a modified 1x123 tail on an Arc:

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