This concept flashlight is powered by a 123 cell and Date2zip BadBoy

driver rated at 400mA of constant current. A simple integrated polished reflector

insures that the light from the LED makes it out of the head and into the projection

area. The copper shelled light module passes the heat generated on to the bare aluminum

housing for dissipation. A 1/4" X 20 tapped hole in "clickie" switch guard allows for

lanyard attachment as well as mounting for hands free operation. The side ports in

the switch guard allow for soft lanyard or split ring attachment (not shown here).

The light is waterproof but not pressure tested.

A sapphire crystal lens protects the LED and reflector surface.

A future version will have a removable, O-ring sealed, bezel cap to allow for optics

insertion over the LED and within the reflector cavity. The beam angle of this light is

wide enough that when worn on a belt and canted forward, the area in front of you is

well illuminated and safe mobility as well as tasks, can be accomplished, hands free.

This light is compared in a line up of other standard and modified flashlights.

Above, O-rings have been added to enhance gripping as well as "soft" lay on delicate surfaces.

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