To evaluate a 30 mm optic coupled with a 5 Watt High Dome Luxeon, I

made a custom head. The head is 1.5" in OD and is powered by a 700 mA

constant current BadBoy supplied by an E2 power pak:

Some details below:

Above, the beam shot on the left was adjusted in PhotoShop with reduced intensity (middle)

and then increased intensity (right). The Optic consists of two elements, a ball and tube. The

ball projects a larger and dimmer image of the die of the LED. This is the square pattern

and you can make out the dark segments of the die "grid". The tube uses TIR to concentrate

the light in a moderately tight round beam. There is a noticeable small null right in the center

of the beam. This null grows proportionally with the beam as the target gets further from the

light. With a single sample of LED and optic, it is uncertain if this artifact is typical.

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