Makai (toward the ocean)

The Makai head is designed to be host to a Cree XP-G based Light Engine. It has a 38 mm reflector

designed to provide reasonable collimation resulting in a relatively tight beam capable of reaching distant

targets. It is "E" series and Aleph series compatible and depending on the converter in the Light Engine

can be hosted on a variety of battery paks.

Below the Makai head is shown on 1x123 pak, 2x123 pak & 2xAA pak (L-R)

To provide a beam comparison, I started with a Haiku XP-G and adjusted the exposure to its center beam. With this same manual exposure setting, I subsequently took a beam shot of a Makai on 1x123 (~660 mA) and then a Makai on 2x123 pak (~1450 mA)

These beam shots are exposed for detail of the spot portion of the beam and are much darker than the

scene was to the naked eye. A deeper field of view with more distant targets would have been much more

effective but I limited the session to my back yard.

At ~ 1 meter, I measured the following lux for these three samples:

Haiku XP-G (660 mA) - 2500 lux

Makai (1x123, 660 mA) - 10900 lux

Makai (2x123, 1450 mA) - 18500 lux

Below is a comparison between the two Makai samples. I adjusted the brightness to the point of reasonable exposure in the spot area of the Makai 1x123:

You can see the difference in relative intensities of both spot and spill portions of the beam although

certainly a better and more illuminating example could be made.

Some further amphibious testing:

Cree XM-L LED: