A SureFire M4 turbo head becmes host to 4x 20 mm reflectors with Lux III's driven at 500 mA as well as the option of switching to 4 Lux III LED's with no optic redirection of light (lambertian flood). The LED's are driven in series by a BadBoy 500. There is a selector switch collar that directs the output from the BB to one set or the other of the LED's. The tail switch has a resistored two stage module for low as well as high output.

The LED's are mounted on .125" thick Al heat sinks. The lower one is epoxied into a snug counter bored shoulder in the head. The group of flood LED's have a thermal path through a pedistal/ converter can and compression column that is snugged tight between the two sinks.

This head will also work on an M3 or M6 power pak. With 9 volts supplied, the head draws 770 mA. On 12 volts, it draws 550 mA. At one meter, the lux reading is 2600 lux.

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