This is a catch all page for some recent builds using the new Luxeon III LED's.

Both lights above have Luxeon III's with 1000 mA DownBoy constant current drivers.

At approximately 1 meter, lux readings were taken on the two lights above. The modified

McLux-PR registered 3160 lux and the modified KL4 registered 1610 lux. Another light

with a 1W S rank LED powered at 750 mA with a pelican reflector registered 2540 lux.

Some detail images of the DownBoy installation in the KL4 below:

A TiN plated PR head and TiNC plated 2x123 body:

Beam shots of the first two lights shown at the top; first is the KL4 mod and second is the

PR head. The distance to target was about 3' and the same manual exposure was used on

both shots.

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