A SureFire L1 has been modified with a lanyard attachment loop in place of stock pocket clip

and a bezel down clip added to the tail switch. The stock pocket clip was reformed

(heated to red hot) and cut to make the lanyard loop.

The Clip is titanium as is the hinged link plate and hinge pins. The split collar is aluminum.

The tail switch with clip rotate freely about the body without clip interference or contact

of the body. Once placed on a belt, the body can be rotated in such a manner that the

lanyard loop provides for a "closed" gate on the clip if desired (top image).

This L1 has had the Optics replaced with a McFlood reflector. The low beam is very

effective for reading without suffering from an overload of light in very low level ambient


For comfortable and quick deployment, the cell phone belt clips are ideal:

For a small and efficient illumination tool, the L1 bezel can be placed on an E1e body and

provide a direct drive platform with the illumination level at about half of the High mode of

the L1. Extended runtime could be expected in this underdriven format:

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