A Surefire L1 modified at both ends:

The stock head was shortened after removing the bezel cap and optics.

A mineral glass lens was glued into the modified head with .010" clearance

between the lens and the top of the LED. A removeable, 1/2 ball lens head was

made which slides over the L1 in a wide to narrow beam zoom. The body and

head of the L1 were turned down to allow for the ball head to slide on and off.

With the ball head off, the L1 provides for a 180 degree flood beam with

very even fill at both low and high output levels.

A tail switch guard and mount was made for added benefit and tail standing.

The plastic retaining nut for the switch boot was removed and the guard threads

in, in its place.

The tail guard allows for belt clip carry as well as a 1/4" x 20 mounting port for

other attachments:

The beam angle with the 1/2 ball can vary from a very tight to rather wide beam.

Below the light is shown in the short, wide angle and long, tight beam setting:

With the light held about 6" from target and on the left side and at an angle, the

beam shots below were taken. All shots used the same camera exposure.

The ball lens head is held captive with a thumb screw that stops the head from passing

beyond the shoulder of the original LED head within. Backing the screw out allows for

the removable head to slide off. The selected adjustment of the beam angle can be

maintained by rotating the ball head until the thumb screw jams up in contacting the

milled flat on the battery tube. This is accomplished by rotating the head in either

direction. The photo below shows this:

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