This flashlight is composed of a mix of SureFire parts as well as others.

There is a 30 mm collimator lens obtained from Elektrolumens that was turned down to

fit within the bore of a prototype KL3 bezel; compliments of Paul Kim - SureFire.

The 1 watt Luxeon LED on heat sink was salvaged from a destroyed SF KL1. A contact

post from a KL2 was turned down to fit within the KL3. A BadBoy 750 constant current

driver was used to power the LED. A copia 168b Li-Ion battery in an E2e coupled by an

E2C adapter provides power to the driver.

Below, this "mutt" is compared to a LGI mod by Mr. Bulk TM and an over driven

1 watt turbo mod:

Above and below light and beams are from L to R: LGI, mutt and turbo

Because the LGI is a direct drive, new batteries (alk) were installed. The mutt and turbo

both have partially depleted Copia 168b Li-Ion batteries. A Lux meter reading was taken

at 39" with the following highest readings in center of beam:

LGI - 690

mutt - 1180

turbo - 3660

Since this light is a prototype/ test bed, I further confused its origin by taking a SF G2z

body and modifying it. I machined the fins and raised tail shoulder off of the battery tube

and vacuum baged an epoxied carbon fiber/ kevlar hybrid sock over the tube. Esthetically,

the result was pretty much a failure but the next, all carbon fiber, battery tube should be

better as a result. To finish off the mix mash of components, a Kroll clickie conversion has

replaced the inner workings of the tail switch:

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