With the desire to work with new LED's and still within the "E-Series" and Aleph platform, I designed two new "cans" as a basis for new light engines. The "dumb can" has been shown on the L1 Mule page. The other can is presently taged as an 083-D Can because it is designed to host either the Nichia 083 LED or the Osram Dragon which both mount on the same MCPCB.

Below, the dumb can on the left and 083-D can on the right:

Both of these cans use the same contact PCB on the back end. The 083-D can is designed to host a .550" diameter converter between contact PCB and MCPCB.

Below is an assembly using the Nichia 083 High CRI LED (for use in the SunDrop) and a Dat2zip NexGen converter is part of the package:


These cans are nickel plated aluminum (6061) and this allows for good electrical paths and connections. The contact pcb is soldered into its seat in the can prior to addition of MCPCB and converter where used. There is a shallow chamber in the 083-D can below where the converter will seat which allows for lead wires as well as some components on the back side of the converter.

Below is the LE above in a titanium SunDrop head:

Below is a shot of the 083-D can and Nichia MCPCB used with the new 3 Speed converter:

The 3 Speed converter has components on both sides. It seats down on a shoulder in the can allowing room for the components as well as lead wires both above and below.

I needed a way of testing the completed SunDrop 3S light engine and using a bench supply was not an option. I modified a 2x123 Aleph battery pak with McClickie switch to host a single CR123 battery as well as a "dummy" cell with a break out lead. A clamp tyoe ammeter allows me to measure current through the battery at the various levels of output; medium is shown.

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