Haiku XPG/119V reflector used with various LED's listed and all driven at 60 mA approximately 20" from the white wall.

Same manual camera exposure used for all LED's.

LED's used: Cree XPG2, CreeXPL(HI) both 4200 and 6000K, Nichia 119V HiCRH and the Osram KW CSLMN1

The Osram LED inspired these beam shots. It has a die which is roughtly 1.1mm X 1.1mm compared to the XPL(HI)

which is about 2.25mm X 2.25mm. Roughly 70 lumens / sq mm surface intensity for the XPL VS 190 lumens / sq mm

from the Osram. Note the small white dot in these images is the reflection of the light source in the reflector itself.

First is very low spot view where only the Psram is really visible.

Next shows the relative spot sizes and intensities:

brighter image showing more of the light outputs


And brighter still showing the spill portion of the beams as well:


A giff combination of the above images:

Additionally I did a two light comparison where two of the Osrams are being driven on the low low of the HIVE converters.

The same distance from the wall was used and the top image is the beam from a Haiku and the bottom image is the beam from a Mahi: