A haiku was sitting on the night stand when a wildfire reduced the two story stucco house to rubble.

The owner sorting through the remains of the house came across it:

The light was sent to me to see what I could do with it. As received:

Last pic above shows battery next to a fresh CR123 cell. I felt there was a good chance of cleaning

out the titanium components and rebuilding the light and I was pleased to discover I was right. The

head easily screwed off of the battery pak. The remains of the light engine would only screw out about

an eighth of a turn before binding up so I did have to bore it out in the lathe which I was able to do

without damaging or even contacting the titanium head at all. Cosmetics are not my concern and all I

did prior to rebuilding the light was to wash the parts and then put them in a sonic cleaner for a bit.

I did break through the fire oxidized surface at the lip of the battery pack as well as where the switch

makes ground contact with the pak.

I felt the light earned the right to carry its scars of being tested in fire and it certainly has a unique finish now.