A simple adapter was made to join a SureFire C2 bezel with E2E body. This allows for a 120

lumen Lamp Assembly to be driven by the E2E:

The adapter threads into the C2 bezel and holds the lamp assembly captive. To change batteries,

The adapter is unthreaded from the E2E body.

Size comparison between E2E and E2E with C2 bezel above.

Size comparison between G2Z and E2E with C2 bezel above.

Note: The G2Z weighs 120.3 grams and the E2E/C2 weighs 128.3 grams (both with batteries)

The E2E's shown on this page have Kroll "Clickie" switches within the tail caps.

Above, the 5 Watt Luxeon LED in a KT1 turbo head is hosted by the E2E and adapter.

Thermal considerations may prove that this combination is less than ideal.........

Above, from L to R: C2,G2,M2,KT, and KL3

Limited production run of adapters shown above. These are available from Dat2zip

Above is the "E2C" production piece on an E2e with C bezel

Versatile travel kit consisting of E2e host, KL1 and C bezel with 120 lumen P61 lamp.

The film can lid protects the C-P61 when not in use (inner lip of lid removed) and

the canister will hold the KL1 safe if it is sidelined by the high output head being

in service.

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