An E2e with a drop in Luxeon Module. The module consists of a Luxeon 5 watt white

Side emitting LED driven by a Dat2zip 500 mA BadBoy, constant current driver. The

stock reflector and Ex bezel provide for a very wide yet useful direct beam with a moderate

reflected flood beam. Both direct and reflected beams are very consistent in light distribution

and there are no artifacts. For long continuous use, the bezel should be fitted with a finned cowl

for additional heat dissipation.

The LED module seems to work well with both High Dome as well as side emitting LED's.

In the beam shot above, the light is about 2" above a white piece of paper.


An additional twin was made except that this second mod has a 5 watt High Dome Luxeon

instead of the Side Emitter. A polished, finned cowl was thermally epoxied over the E2e's

bezel to provide more mass and surface area for dissipation of heat in extended run periods.

Below is a beam shot showing the two lights at an equal distance (approx. 2') from a wall.

The Side Emitter is on the left and the High Dome is on the right. The HD has a much

tighter reflected beam and significantly more light in a direct, flood beam. The Side Emitter

has a wider reflected beam angle but most of the light is in the reflected beam and the direct

beam is significantly less intense, relative to the reflected center beam. Both LED die are located

in the same focal plane within the reflectors.

A more recent (just finished) E2e camo light with a very nice white 5W side emitter driven at

700 mA. This light is not meant fo be left on for any length of time due to thermal issues.

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