A SureFire E1E flashlight modified to house an Opalec NewBeam LED Module

The Bezzel was bored to accept the OD of the NewBeam Module.

The base of the original SureFire lamp assambly was modified to accomodate

The NewBeam module.Wire leads werre soldered to the New Beam contact pins.

These wire leads would not solder to the contact ring and dome of the Surefire

lamp base. Small holes were drilled through the ring and dome and the wire leads were

passed through and then balled with solder. These solder balls make the contact

between battery and battery holder. This is less than ideal but works well.

The base of the New Beam module has a raised boss of roughtly .400" diameter.

A hole of this diameter was drilled through the plastic of the Sure Fire lamp base.

The parts mate very well with the New Beam Contact pins extending into the open

area under the center contact dome.

I have made a few more of these and in the latest, took the extra time to reduce the

bore diameter for the three LED's and then milled a "key" hole for the low voltage

indicator LED. The additional reflector surface likely makes no difference in the actual

light output but this effort provided a certain esthetic satisfaction. Photo below:

This mod was again visited but this time with some twists. New scalloped bezel cap,

E1 body and a CR2 lithium cell. The light also has the new SF Z57 clickie switch. The

shorter cell allowed for most of the NewBeam module to be digested within the battery tube.

I was able to remove 3/8" from the E2e bezel which included the hex portion.

Re visited once again but using an E-can for the base.

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