E2E and KT turbo head joined with female to female adapter. The LED-LA is threaded

and screws into the adapter and has a face to face seat against the back end of the turbo head.

A Dat2zip adjustable constant current driver set at 700 mA drives the white 5 watt

Luxeon to spec.

PCB set in LA module. The off axis set screw clamps down on the cathode lead and

provides ground to the module and the path continues from the lip of the module to

the lip of the body tube. An anode plug (not shown) goes in behind the PCB.

In the beam shot above, the Luxeon is on the left and a P60 incandescent is shown on the

right. Beams are on white paper but the photo was underexposed to show spot detail.

From approximately 1 meter, the Luxeon registered 2800 lux and the P60 showed 2400

lux in center.

Above (L to R) 5 Watt white Luxeon Turbo/E2e, KL1/E2e and 5Watt cyan Luxeon Turbo/C2

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