A double ended battery holder in brass for 2 ea. 123 batteries (independent)

Twin ARC LS heads above

A Technology Associates PR2 LED bulb is inserted in to it's own head and sealed with

twin O-ring bore seals.

Above, The Techass PR2 Head is installed on the stock ARC 123 battery holder.

With out a parabolic reflector, This LED provides a very wide beam with a tiny

hot spot in the center.

Note: A 2.5 mm stainless quick link imported from Japan and soon to be offered

by berkeleypoint is small enough to fit on the ARC battery holders as well as other

devices with small lanyard holes. A slightly larger 3 mm quick link will also be offered

in stainless as well as titanium (doesn't quite fit these ARC holders). A delta shape

3mm quick link in stainless will round out the offering in these small sizes.

Above, Arc 2X AA battery holder is mated to brass PR2 head

Soft spectra rotating lanyard attachment has been added to battery holder

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