1 Watt Side Emitter Luxeon over driven at 660 mA in a SF turbo head. The power pak

is a McLux single 123 cell and a E2C adapter is used for coupling to the Turbo:

Below, the Turbo is hosted on a McLux "LongTail" and driven by 2xAA batteries

Below is a line up with the Turbo, E1e and a C3/P91 hosted on the LongTail with 3x123's

A mini camera tripod attached to the turbo:

For beam comparison:

Starting at top left and going clockwise, Arc LS, KL1, 5 Watt HD Turbo, 1 Watt Turbo

Notice areas of grid wash out as well as full illumination by 5W HD Turbo. At a distance,

The 1 Watt turbo has a slightly smaller beam diameter with a less defined edge compared

to the 5 Watt but it throws remarkably well!

It is misleading calling it a 1 Watt as in this case, it is drawing slightly in excess of 2 watts.


The 1 watt turbo module now resides in a black SF turbo head mated via the E2C to

a McLux 2x123 size power pack. The battery used is a Copia 168b Li-Ion. Due to the high

current and resulting Vf of the LED, the Bad Boy 660 is still in regulation with the 3.7 volt


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