A finned extension tube allows an additional 123 cell to be added to the E series

of SureFire flashlights as well as others, such as the McLux1:

In the case of adding the cell extender to the E2, 3 ea. 123 cells or 2 ea. A or AA cells can

be accomodated. With the addition of the E2C adapter, the 9P bezel and lamp assemblies

could also be hosted on the E2.

Above, a McLux1 prototype with the cell extender. The additional fins and surface area will

be useful in a 5 Watt Luxeon application where additional thermal relief is required.

Coupled with E2C adapter and C bezel, the combo can host the P91 LA.

Added to an E1e with 5W SE luxeon on front end (additional thermal relief)

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