This prototype Battery Holder for the Arc LS has a protected Kroll Tail cap switch. A lanyard

can be attached through one of the side ports. The light will stand on either end, even with lanyard

split ring. The reduced barrel allows for the light to be held ergonomically, like a cigar or syringe

for momentary illumination. If four ports were milled in the protective skirt, the light would be even

more comfortable to hold with the index and middle finger resting in two of the ports.

By adding a 1/4" X 20 tapped hole in the side of the switch guard, more function and versitility

can be had with the light; a lanyard swivel makes it easier to hold and the light can be mounted

on mini tripods, Loc-Line stalks, magnets and suction cups for hands free applications.

The addition of a belt clip allows for secure carry on a belt or in a pocket with bezel down.

Above is a new refined version which has four side ports instead of three. There is

also an O-ring added for comfortable "cigar" grip.