Nichia offers their single die 119 LED in a High CRI (H1) version:

Although the LED can be driven to a maximum current of 700 mA, I have found from bench testing with the lights I will use it in that ~ 500 mA is the sweet spot with diminishing returns going past this due to heat generated.

Unlike other single die High CRI LED's I have sampled, this Nichia has a very even tint throughout a beam pattern produced by secondary optics. Its quality of light remains high, in my opinion. By itself and without any secondary optics, the flood is very nice and bright.

I will be offering the LED in both the mule shown above and below as well as in a High CRI Haiku (shown with the Mule second light down).

The Haiku High CRI has about half the flux of the Haiku XP-G. The advantage is in the quality of light as it relates to color rendition. Blues, reds and purples are much closer to how they appear in natural light when illuminated by the High CRI Haiku.