In a recent installation in San Francisco, #310's were installed on the edge
of the roof to illuminate front and rear entry ways as well as an additional
string on the rear of the house which illuminates the back yard. Stainless
steel "plumber's tape" was used to attach the fixture to the roof. A single
screw attached the plumbers tape and a film canister to the roof. The film
canister houses the silicone grease filled splice connectors and protects
them from undue exposure to the elements. This was a comprehensive
installation which also included a string of #360 landscape lights around
the perimeter of the back yard and #370 lights mounted in the interior of
the house in hallways, stairwell and kitchen to provide night lights. A total
of 28 Tri-Clusters were installed in various models. A 7 watt night light in
the kitchen was taken out of service and the power savings there is enough
to cover running the complete Tri-Cluster system.

Some Night Shots of Installation: