Target area of Illumination:

The Tri-Cluster has three LEDs which put out light in a 70 degree beam (pattern on right).

For a wider dispersment of light, clear silicone rubber sealer can be used to fill the LED

cavity of the Tri-Cluster fixture. This will yield a light dispersment pattern as seen at left

in photo above. If the target of illumination is beyond 8', the Tri-Cluster is recommended,

as is. For illumination of objects closer than 8', the silicone difussion method may be more

appropriate. For the standard beam coverage, a good rule of thumb is that you will have a

circle of light whose diameter is equal to the distance from the LEDs. I.E. 5 feet from the

light fixture, you will get the coverage of a 5 foot diameter circle.

In the photo below, #350 and #370 are shown with silicone lenses:

An added feature to the silicone is that dirt and debris can't build up in the LED cavity.

This may be an issue if the light is pointed upwards.


A new part, # 31, is a Silicone diffusing lens that simply pops into the LED cavity of any

Tri-Cluster. It can be installed and removed at will.