This brass base will accept the #302 & #370 as is.

With an exchange of the end Loc-Line pipe fitting from a 1/8" to 1/4" size,

the stalk fixtures can also be mounted to this base. The base has a 1/4" internal

pipe thread. The Base is 2" in diameter and 3/16" thick

#302 mounted on base above

#370 mounted on base above

#360 mounted on base above

The #36 flange base allows for easy installation and removal of the fixtures. The base

will also cover a larger hole which can accommodate the wire splice connectors. This is

very useful in installations where there is no access on the backside of the mounting


In photo above, 36 and threaded section of 370 have been center punched to secure parts

from rotating and causing misalignment of mounting holes of 36 relative to 370